Our Story

Uvaggio Vermentino

When it comes to the vast world of wine and seemingly infinite choice, at Uvaggio we believe:

  • Wine should be fun and part of your lifestyle.
  • Always expand your horizons by trying something different.
  • Wine is meant to be enjoyed with food and always complement a meal.
  • One should endeavor to seek value and never fall prey to hype and high prices.
  • If you like one of our wines, please try another, in a quest for enjoying something new.


Uvaggio makes wine in California from grape varieties indigenous to Italy and the south of France.

Our theory is that if California has a climate which is great for growing Mediterranean varietals, why not take advantage of it? Since we have been on this path for a couple of decades now, we think we have found the right places, for growing these cultivar, primarily in Lodi So we urge you to discover this for yourself and try our wines.

Our expressions are steeped in California's traditions, with a nod towards Europe’s restraint, so you will our wines to be a contemporary synthesis of these two approaches. We produce white wines that are fresh, aromatic, dry and rarely exceed 12.5% alcohol.  None of our barrel-aged reds are rarely exceed 14.5% alcohol. The only sweet wines we offer are purposely crafted to be sweet.

We are passionate about wine and food affinities, the magic that occurs when they resonant.