Available Past Releases

2014 Uvaggio Zelo Bianco

Pinot Grigio? Been there, done that! We planted and produced Carneros' first Pinot Grigio ~25 years ago, so think of this as our new millennium update. Based on Pinot Grigio (70%), we added Traminer (15%, also from Carneros), and some Moscato Giallo (15%, from Lodi). Both contributed perfume and spice. The wine has an intriguing and hauntingly familiar expression, though with a hint of exoticism (and no small amount of 'wow factor') derived from the grapes' interplay. With a core of flavors enveloped by its lushness, it easy to enjoy solo, but it has a serious side when paired with delicate seafood like sand dabs, scampi, or scallops.

2013 Uvaggio Vermentino

Fresh and broad on the palate with tutti-frutti (oh-rooti) aromas, supported by hints of minerals and green melon, salted pippin apple and stone fruit flavors. A wop bop a loo bop, a lop bam boom indeed...