2015 Uvaggio Moscato 'dolce'

100% Moscato Giallo
100% Lodi appellation
100% Bella Vigna Vineyard

We harvested these grapes on the very last day of Sept, at the peak of maturity, which resulted in a very expressive and flavorful wine.  It can be enjoyed solo or served at the end of a meal, to accompany a lighter dessert or cheese.  Having a low alcohol and high level of residual sugar, it offers a ‘yin-yang’ balance between delicacy and richness.

It was very cold fermented using a strain of yeast specifically selected for making this style of wine.  Post fermentation it was racked, fined, racked again for additional clarity, followed by filtration to bottle.

Bottled in Dec 2015; 8.4% alcohol,
pH 3.32, TA 5.7 g/l & RS 89 g/l

Our descriptors: very perfumed; flavors of tropical fruits, along with stone fruits like apricot, nectarine and peach; on the palate it is lush and velvety, yet not at all cloying.

Uvaggio Moscato 'dolce' Press

 Editors’ Choice 

"This fascinating, sweet but light wine wraps lemongrass and thyme flavors around lemon and peach for interesting layers of complexity. The sweetness helps to round the texture and carries everything into a long finish." — Jim Gordon


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"Made from Moscato Giallo grapes harvested late though still at low Brix, this is meant to serve as a dessert wine as it is slightly sweet, with 78 g/L of residual sugar. The aromas are pure and fully expressive of jasmine in bloom followed by apricot and honey. Light in alcohol, it shows a slight sweetness in the midpalate. Otherwise, it finishes dry, making it serviceable as an apéritif or midday-in-the-garden wine." — Virginie Boone


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