NV Uvaggio Vermentino Passito


When facing the removal of our beloved test planting/trial block of Vermentino (for a planned winery expansion - incidentally, the first planting of this varietal in the Lodi AVA) we pondered the vine’s fate and decided to mix equal parts of inspiration and perspiration, drying the grapes in the sun to craft a ‘passito’ style of wine.

We are (and have always been) winemaking minimalists, though generally just short of the geek zone.  However it would be hard to get more ‘geeky’ in making this wine - no cultured yeast, no SO2, completely barrel fermented and even barrel aged.  All for a sweet dessert wine!

And what do we like for dessert?  We enjoy this wine with roasted hazelnuts and aged Gouda, though of course aged Reggiano-Parmigiano might be considered apropos.  This could be our most popular wine, if only folks knew what passito meant (passum is the Latin word for dried and over time, raisinated wines became known as passito).

Uvaggio Vermentino Passito Press

 Editors’ Choice 

"Full body and powerfully fruity flavors make this sweet wine seem extra bold. It smells like toasted almonds and dried meat and tastes like poached peaches. A smooth but lively texture keeps the flavors zinging on the finish."— Jim Gordon


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