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"... Many of the more exciting wines coming from California these days are made in regions with less expensive real estate than Napa or Sonoma allow, using grapes from Albarino to Trousseau, Ribolla Gialla to Teroldego, vinified with more stylistic diversity than past generations...

.. Overall, Uvaggio wines show lower alcohol, more acidity, more appreciation for harmony than California is usually given credit for. And they are almost shockingly "varietally correct." The Vermentino tastes like a wine from Sardegna or Corsica, the dry Moscato has true ties to Friuli, the Primitivo echoes Puglia with bell-like clarity...

... See, there's that American thing. We make statements. Jim Moore doesn't speak beyond what he knows, but he's unafraid to commingle old-world materials with an innovative attempt to introduce something new into the culture.

It's morning in America."

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"If only more California Barbera could be like this. Opening with a pretty, yet rich fruit nose of dark cherry and plum, the structured wine has been tamed into a soft, chocolate-brushed finish with just the perfect amount of acidity. The vines have been in the ground since the 1880s. Winemaker Jim Moore adds just a thimble’s worth (3%) of Nebbiolo too, before letting it all age in oak." — Virginie Boone


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"Made from a hard-to-find variety in California, this bright, beautifully aromatic wine expresses gorgeous scents of jasmine that follow through in flavor to the finish. Its layers of lime, apple and a generous level of minerality are perfectly executed and waiting for seafood." — Virginie Boone


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"... Vermentino is a virtually unknown variety here in the US, but anyone who has enjoyed a good Vermentino from Sardinia or the Italian mainland knows enough to appreciate it.  In its best incarnations its layered complexities can be moving, though it is more commonly an unsophisticated and cloying wine.  Uvaggio's version is the first I've seen of this grape grown in the US - and what a debut.  Crisp, fresh, and well balanced, there's something for everyone in this extremely well-rounded, elegant white.  But it  goes beyond crowd pleasing to demonstrate a truth and seriousness of quality that commands attention - and respect.  What an unbelievable value."
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"I was in Northern California last week judging at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair wine competition, and I spent some of my time tracking down interesting producers whose wines I’d never tried. This racy, floral-scented 2011 Uvaggio Primitivo, a deliciously balanced red from the Lodi region with a taste of spice and juicy berries and layers of flavors, is one of my discoveries. I think it’s the ultimate gourmet pizza wine — soft and easy to drink, yet surprisingly complex for its well-under-$20 price.

Uvaggio’s opinionated winemaker, Jim Moore, is no wine newcomer. Years ago, he was a force behind the now-defunct La Famiglia di Robert Mondavi label that specialized in Italian varietals such as Sangiovese, as well as helping launch Luce, the Mondavi collaboration project with Tuscany’s Frescobaldi family. Moore made California’s first Vin Santo..."

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