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"Full body and powerfully fruity flavors make this sweet wine seem extra bold. It smells like toasted almonds and dried meat and tastes like poached peaches. A smooth but lively texture keeps the flavors zinging on the finish."— Jim Gordon


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Berry Bros. & Rudd Wine Blog
Author: Sophie Thorpe

... My knowledge of the area had been limited to the wines of Uvaggio, a great little producer whose deliciously juicy and moreish Barbera has become a midweek staple for me. ....

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Uvaggio Vermentino is a zesty wine that balances bright citrus flavors with an underlying mineral note.

Vermentino’s minerality enlivens nuanced dishes, so even subdued flavors on the plate will pop. The wine’s acidity also brightens up fried foods.

More About The Wine
Lodi is a warm, dry region where just about every grape variety, red or white, grows well. Winemaking immigrants from Europe figured this out around 1850. Italian settlers were especially successful with their native varieties, Vermentino being one of them. The grape doesn’t require cool nights to retain its bright character.

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"Intensely floral on the nose, this is a blend of 70% Pinot Grigio grown in Carneros, 15% Traminer also grown in Carneros, and 15% Moscato giallo from Lodi, which the producer has previously employed in delightful wines of its own. Lilting and bright, it has substance behind the equal balance of fruit and spice, offering a taste of lemony ginger and pear." — Virginie Boone


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