2016 Uvaggio Vermentino

Uvaggio Vermentino is unmistakably Californian. It’s as if the classic, light Italian Vermemtino’s flavor and aroma knobs were dialed as high as they could go..

These vibrant wines often taste like passion fruit or citrus, sometimes accented with an herbaceous note. A fruity-zesty balance, a signature of Sauvignon Blanc, is what makes these wines delicious with goat cheese (a staple pairing of France’s Loire Valley). The wine makes the cheese taste creamier.

More About The Wine
East of San Francisco, Lodi is a warm, dry region that’s suitable to just about every grape variety, red or white. Winemaking immigrants from Europe figured this out around 1850. Italian settlers found especially strong success with their native varieties, among them Vermentino; the grape doesn’t require cool nights to retain its bright character.

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